a word to our guests

Brand new in town?

Been here for generations? 

First time in church?

Looking for a family of faith?

It doesn't matter... we would love for you to be our guest!

So what should I expect as I plan to visit FBCPR?

Expect to be greeted warmly...

We see new faces every week! We want you to feel comfortable and welcome. At the same time, we want you to settle in at your own pace and in your own way. We will never embarrass, call out, or put any guests on the spot in any way!

Expect greeters ready to help

Our space may be new to you but we want to meet your every need as best we can during your visit... from nursery, children's church, cry room, changing areas, restrooms, water fountains, you name it!

Expect our staff to meet you

We will provide a connect card on which you may share the contact information you want us to have. We will follow-up with you during the week but we will not show up at your door without an invitation.

Expect to join in worship

Prayer, testimonies, Bible reading, giving, children's message, children's church, preaching, and music are all elements of our worship. Our music includes choruses intermingled with hymns of the faith- ancient, old, and new. We have instrumental, choral, and congregational singing.

Expect to hear from the Lord

Our greatest prayer for is that you will hear a clear message from the Lord during your visit!

We are confident the Lord will lead you to the perfect place of service. We pray it is with us!